Grand Traverse Ski Club

Sunday Races

When:    Sundays
Time:     11:30 am Course Inspection, 12:00 pm (Noon) Race Start
Where:    Hickory Hills

Cost: $50 for the season
News Bibs:  $10 (if you are new to the program, or lost your bib)

To participate, a skier must be registered for one of the following:  Advanced Beginner Clinics, Instructional Ski Clinics, USSA or the Middle School Program.

Race course inspection (when children have an opportunity to slowly inspect the course to become familiar with gate location) is at 11:30 am. Races start promptly at 12:00 pm and end approximately at 3:00 pm.  There will be 2 runs of GS and 2 runs of SL each Sunday.  The GS and SL runs are individually combined by time on the day of the race and awards are given each Sunday after the race is over, typically by 3:30 pm.

2019 Sunday Race Rules

Racer Groups:
Athlete age as of 12/31/18, grouped as follows:

  • Girls age 0-6 (race on Birch)
  • Girls age 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13+ (race on Buck/Swede)
  • Boys age 0-6 (race on Birch)
  • Boys age 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13+ (race on Buck/Swede)

Club Race Schedule:

11:30 am – Course Inspection

12:00 pm – Race Start

  • 1/6/19 – Tune Up Race (Not scored as qualifying race)

Scored Sunday Races: (updated as of 12/19/18)

  • 1/13/19
  • 1/20/19
  • 1/27/19
  • 2/9/19 (GTSC Invitational held on a Saturday, will be scored as a regular Sunday Race)
  • 2/17/19
  • 2/24/19

Weekly Individual Awards:
Ribbons will be awarded for SL and GS by place for the first 15 place finishers for ages 0-6. All other 0-6 racers will be given a participation ribbon, including racers who may disqualify.  7-8, 9-10, 11-12, and 13+ age groups will be awarded ribbons for the first 10 place finishes. Duplicate awards will be given in the case of a tie.

DQ/DNF:  Racers that disqualify (DQ) or do not finish (DNF) a run will be assigned the place of the last place racer in their age/gender group, that day, plus one.  All racers within the same age/gender group in a specific race that are given a DQ will be given the same finish position for point totaling purposes.

DNS:  Racers that do not start (DNS) a run will be assigned the place of the last place racer in the age/gender group, that day, plus two.  All racers within the same age/gender group in a specific race that are given a DNS will be given the same finish position for point totaling purposes.

Year-End Awards & Place Standings:
At the end of the season, overall place standings will be compiled for each racer based on the Club Race results, including the GTSC Invitational results.  These place standings will be totaled separately for slalom (SL) and giant slalom (GS) races.  Racers may drop a total of 4 runs, allowing them to miss 2 race days without penalty.  To be eligible for Club Race awards, a racer must participate in a minimum of 3 Club Races (this may include a combination of Sunday Races and the GTSC Invitational).

Welborn Cup Championship:
Welborn Cup qualifications are based on overall performance, combining the SL and GS results.  Results will be determined as indicated above and then adding the results of the SL and GS races.  The top five (5) racers in each age/gender group will be given preference to attend.   Racers must ski a minimum of 3 club races (50%) to be allowed to qualify.  4 club races will be scored.  If your racer only attends three races, their fourth race would be scored using their lowest DNS score.  In the event there are less than 6 racers in an age group the minimum of 3 races (50% participation) still applies.  Selected racers who have met the minimum participation requirements will be contacted and given the opportunity to attend.  If a racer declines, the next eligible racer will be offered the position until all five (5) slots are filled.  Younger racers may race in older groups, older racers may not race in younger groups.  In the event of a tie, priority will go to the racer with the highest participation, and to then to the racer with the best place at the previous race.

PLEASE NOTE:  Rule change as of 2/10/19 for 2019 Welborn Cup Scoring.   Only 7 out of 11 runs in Slalom will be scored this season for Welborn Cup qualifying purposes for 7-14 age group racers due to only one Slalom run completed at the GTSC Invitational/Sunday Race #4 on 2/9/14.

There will be four invitationals this season:

  1. TBA – NASA Invitational, Crystal Mt  (qualification is first-come, first-served)
  2. 2/3/19 – Nordica Winter Rally Nubs Nob (20 racers per age/class)
  3. 3/3/19 – Welborne Cup at Boyne Highlands (The year end top 5 racers qualify – see above)

Additional Information:

  • Other than LTS, skiers must be able to use a tow rope independently, and ski unattended to participate.
  • All skiers must bring and wear a ski helmet and bring their own skis and boots.
  • Hickory Hills ski tickets must be purchased separately from the GTSC programs.  GTSC Fees do not included lift tickets.
  • Parents or guardians must volunteer for at least 3 Sunday Races in order for their skier(s) to participate.
  • All racers must wear their assigned GTSC issued race bib for each race. In the event a racer wishes to race but has forgotten their race bib, a disposable race bib may be purchased for that race at a cost of $5. Racers without GTSC approved race bibs indicating their assigned number will not be permitted to race.

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