Grand Traverse Ski Club

USSA Race Team

Hickory: Mondays, Thursdays; 3:30 – 5:00pm
Crystal Mtn: Tuesdays; 4:00 – 6:00pm (possibly 5-7pm)
Crystal Mtn: Wednesdays; 4:00 – 6:00pm

Sunday Race not included
Cost:   $700
(add $25 on 11/1, $50 on 11/15, $100 on 12/1)

This program is meant for athletes in grades 6, 7 and 8 who wish to compete in USSA weekend races and are looking to add extra intensity to their training sessions during the week. These athletes intend to race in high school, and perhaps beyond. The USSA training program includes weekend coaching for all Region3 weekend races.


  • Must be in 6th, 7th, 8th grade, or age/grade appropriate as allowed by the head coaches.
  • Meets all USSA member criteria, and has paid all USSA national & regional dues.
  • Has all equipment necessary to meet USSA race regulations. Learn more HERE


  • Race on the High School Team, and perhaps beyond.

Program Fee Includes:

  • Weekday Training, Weekend Race Coaching, Weekend Training 
  • Bussing (Mon/Tues/Wed/Thur)

Extra Fees (TBD):

  • USSA Xmas Camp
  • Shelly Glover Coaching
  • Jr. Championships in Marquette
  • Jr. Championships in Colorado

Athletes will train at Hickory Hills on Mondays from 3:30-5:00, at Crystal Mt. on Tuesday afternoons from 5:00-7:00 p.m. (subject to training lane availability), at Crystal Mt. on Wednesdays from 4:00-6:00 and at Hickory Hills (3:30-5:00) on Thursdays.

We believe that one must develop great ski skills before one can be a great ski racer. In accordance with this philosophy, we will perform many drills, especially those emphasizing pressure, edging, rotary, and balance, in order to refine our fundamental ski skills. We will limit our time training in race courses as we believe in quality rather than quantity. We want to train and build proper ski mechanics so that our athletes become fundamentally strong skiers with a lifelong passion for the sport.

The athletes will work closely with the GTSC coaches who will coach the athletes at weekend USSA races. Our head USSA coach is Austin Johnson (, a Traverse City native and former member of the USSA Development Program who competed on the Nor-Am circuit and in Europe. Austin’s unique racing experience has shown him the ski skills that are necessary to build a foundation for successful racing at the highest levels of the sport.

Please contact Tonya Lewandowski (, the GTSC Middle School Program Coordinator with any questions about the program timing, and transportation. Registration questions can be directed to Meagan Alvarado,

Crystal – 2017/18 Pass Application
Crystal – 2017/18 Waiver (Minor)
• Crystal – 2016/17 Waiver (ADULT COACH/CHAPERONE)
Emergency Contacts
Nubs Nob Release Form (athlete racer)
Nubs Nob Release Form (adult volunteer)
Athlete Code of Conduct
Parent Code of Conduct
GTSC Waiver

Mail these forms to:

PO Box 5157
Traverse City, MI 49685

We look forward to a great season of fun ski racing!



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