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Weather Cancellation Policy

Hickory Hills Policy

  • If one clinic is canceled, ALL clinics are canceled
    • Example: if Monday night Advanced Beginner is canceled, USSA & MSRT cannot hold practice @ Hickory. This is at the request of the city.
  • Director of Coaches will make the decision by 1 pm
  • Notice posted to GTSC Facebook by1 pm
  • Notice sent to Hickory Hills front office by 1 pm

Crystal Mountain Policy

  • MSRT Coordinator & Coaches will make a decision by 1 pm
    • Coaches to decide safe training conditions
    • Coordinator to decide safe bussing conditions
  •  If Hickory clinics are NOT canceled, MSRT and/or USSA may practice at Hickory, if notice is given to Hickory front office by 1 pm.
    • These programs will be given secondary lane space consideration
  • Notice posted to GTSC Facebook by 1 pm
  • Notice sent to Hickory Hills front office by 1 pm


There are no refunds given for missed training days. Refer to the GTSC Refund Policy for additional refund information.

Note: Email notice may also be used as a method of communication; however, it is not written into the policy.

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