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USSA Weekend Race Day Coaching & Training

USSA Weekend Race Day Coaching & Training is meant for athletes who wish to race in weekend USSA Region 3 races and need coaching representation. This program fee also includes GTSC USSA weekend training days offered only when there is not a USSA Region 3 race.  This program is only for racers not registered for the GTSC USSA Race Team.

NOTE: Skiers registered for GTSC USSA Race Team DO NOT need to sign up for this as it is already included in USSA Race Team fees ($800)


  • Race Day Coaching at all Region 3 USSA Races
  • GTSC weekend USSA training (when no Region 3 races – will be announced)

Cost: $200

Registration for 2020 clinics opens Nov. 15th at 6:00 am on our home page.  Early registration is encouraged as space is limited.

  • Racer has previous race experience and meets all USSA member/safesport criteria.
  • Racer must register and pay separately for all USSA national dues. Learn more HERE.
  • Racer must register and pay separately for all USSA Region 3 dues and must have all equipment necessary to meet USSA race regulations. Learn more HERE.
  • Complete necessary programming forms (see bottom of this page for more info)

Coaches: Austin Johnson, Libby Shutler, Evan Culp, Eric Shutler

Program Details This does not include any weekday training – weekends as detailed below

    • Coaching at Region 3 USSA race weekends included
    • USSA Race Schedule – https://www.region3cussa.org/page/show/1963408-region-3-calendar
    • All USSA race sign up is done separately by families for each race – through myUSSA account – NOT INCLUDED
    • Race fees are extra and paid per race for a racer (~$25/race)
    • Races typically Saturday and Sunday – can sign up to do one or both
    • Passes at race mountains not included
    • Parent transportation
    • To be eligible for any USSA events/racing - NEED TO REGISTER with USSA and REGION 3 to participate – make account per racer/online (see above)
    • USSA & Region 3 registration Costs ~$135/racer EACH (so $270) – not included
    • MUST COMPLETED ONLINE BY October 15th or assessed late fee!!USSA Region 3 Race weekend coaching – https://www.region3cussa.org/

Program Does NOT Include - Below are available at an additional fee – NOT included in $200 programming fee.

  • USSA Region 3 Race fees – https://www.region3cussa.org/
    • See above sign up and race fee information
  • USSA Qualifying race weekends – Shelly Glover & Hosking Junior Championship Qualifiers - races held at Marquette Mountain in Marquette, MI
    • These races are optional for all USSA racers – but if your racer wants to try qualifying for the Junior Championships in CO, have to participate and qualify at Hosking race
    • Coaching not included – fee-based on how many participants through GTSC; ~$125-160/racer
    • Parent transportation necessary
    • Lodging not included – family responsible for arrangements
    • Race sign up is done individually by families for each race – myUSSA account
    • Race fee dependent on how many days/race – approx. $50/day
    • The schedule is out – https://www.region3cussa.org/page/show/1963408-region-3-calendar
    • Races ~Fri-Sunday, usually additional training available on Thursday.
  • USSA Junior Championships – have to qualify at above races, held in Colorado in March, all additional and TBD.
  • GTSC USSA Race Team – additional sign up and fee through GTSC
  • GTSC Sunday Races – additional sign up and fee through GTSC


Passes - Required and NOT included in signup fee

  • For weekend Region 3 USSA races - all passes will need to be purchased separately for each race by families the day of race – NOT included.
  • For weekend USSA training at Hickory – pass will be needed at Hickory Hills – NOT included.

USSA Gear- Quality race gear needed - required for safety – recreational gear is not appropriate

The athletes will work closely with the GTSC coaches who will coach the athletes at weekend USSA races and/or weekend USSA training (TBD). Our head USSA coach is Austin Johnson (ski@eurocustom.net), a Traverse City native and former member of the USSA Development Program who competed on the Nor-Am circuit and in Europe. Austin’s unique racing experience has shown him the ski skills that are necessary to build a foundation for successful racing at the highest levels of the sport.

Please contact Tonya Lewandowski (tlewandowski@ectinc.com), the GTSC Middle School Program Coordinator with any questions about the program timing, and transportation. Registration questions can be directed to Heather VanStratt, info@gtskiclub.org.

Each athlete will need to complete the following forms and return to Tonya Lewandowski no later than December 1, 2019.  Please email

We look forward to a great season of fun ski racing!

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