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USSS Weekend Race/Training Coaching ONLY

USSS Weekend Race/Training Coaching is meant for athletes who wish to race in weekend USSS Region 3 races and need coaching representation.  This program fee also includes GTSC USSS weekend training days – these will be offered when there is not a USSA Region 3 race.

Cost:   $275



  • Race Day Coaching at all Region 3 USSS Races 
  • GTSC weekend USSS training (when no Region 3 races – will be announced)


  • Racer has previous race experience and meets all USSS member/safesport criteria.
  • Racer must register and pay separately for all USSS national dues.  Learn more HERE.
  • Racer must register and pay separately for all USSS Region 3 dues. Learn more HERE.
  • Racer must have all equipment necessary to meet USSS race regulations. Learn more HERE
  • Complete necessary programming forms (see bottom of this page for more info)

Lead Coaches – Austin Johnson – Head Coach, Craig Davidson – Head Travel, Austin Skibowski - Assistant

Program Details – This does not include any weekday training – weekends as detailed below  

    • USSS Region 3 Race weekend coaching –
      • Coaching at Region 3 USSA race weekends included  
      • USSA Race Schedule –
      • All USSS race sign up is done separately by families for each race – through myUSSA account – NOT INCLUDED
      • Race fees are extra and paid per race for racer (~$25/race)
      • Races typically Saturday and Sunday – can sign up to do one or both
      • Passes at race mountains not included
      • Parent transportation
      • To be eligible for any USSA events/racing - NEED TO REGISTER with USSS and REGION 3 to participate – make account per racer/online (see above) 
      • USSA & Region 3 registration costs – not included 

  • MUST COMPLETED ONLINE BY October 15th or assessed late fee!!

Program Does NOT Include – Below are available at an additional fee – NOT included in programming fee.  

  • USSS Region 3 Race fees –
    • See above sign up and race fee information
  • USSS Qualifying race weekends – Shelly Glover & Hosking Junior Championship Qualifiers - races held in Indianhead, Michigan
    • These races are optional for all USSA racers – but if your racer wants to try qualifying for the Junior Championships in CO, have to participate and qualify at Hosking race
    • Coaching fee for these weekend races not included – fee based on how many participants through GTSC
    • Parent transportation necessary
    • Lodging not included – family responsible for arrangements
    • Race sign up is done individually by families for each race – myUSSA account 
    • Race fee dependent on how many days/race 
    • Schedule is out –
    • Races ~Fri-Sunday, usually additional training available on Thursday.
  • USSS Junior Championships – have to qualify at above races, held in Colorado in March, all additional and TBD.
  • GTSC USSS Race Team – additional sign up and fee through GTSC
  • GTSC Sunday Races – additional sign up and fee through GTSC

Passes – Required and NOT included in signup fee

  • For weekend Region 3 USSS races - all passes will need to be purchased separately for each race by families the day of race – NOT included.
  • For weekend USSS training at Hickory – pass will be needed at Hickory Hills – NOT included.

USSS Gear – Quality race gear needed - required for safety – recreational gear is not appropriate

  • USSA athletes will race GS and Slalom – possibly Super G at qualifier races - please talk to coaches if need guidance – they are happy to help!
  • Need quality race gear; refer to USSA guidelines
    • Skis – see USSS requirements - recommend separate GS and Slalom skis 
    • Boots – VERY important to have the right fit – please ask coaches/shops to assess 
    • Helmet – see USSS requirements 
      • Chin bar - Slalom requires 
      • GS - No chin bar – so needs to be removable – FIS sticker required
    • Gloves/shin guards/poles/goggles/arm guards/back pad/speed suit/ski socks

 Optional GTSC Add-Ons, Fees Not Included: 

The athletes will work closely with the GTSC coaches who will coach the athletes at weekend USSS races and/or weekend USSS training (TBD). Our head USSS coaches are Austin Johnson and Craig Davidson.  Austin is a Traverse City native and former member of the USSA Development Program who competed on the Nor-Am circuit and in Europe. Austin’s unique racing experience has shown him the ski skills that are necessary to build a foundation for successful racing at the highest levels of the sport. Craig comes to GTSC after decades as very accomplished alpine ski coach for the WIN and Pinnacle programs, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and experience.  Craig’s enthusiasm is contagious as he looks to take our athletes to a new level!

Please contact Tonya Lewandowski (, the GTSC Middle School Program Coordinator with any questions about the program timing, and transportation. Registration questions can be directed to:

Each athlete will need to complete the following forms and return to Tonya Lewandowski no later than December 1, 2021.  Please email 

We look forward to a great season of fun ski racing!

Grand Traverse Ski Club

PO Box 5157
Traverse City, MI   49685