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GTSC Executive Director

Steve Booher

GTSC Board of Directors


Jake Burden, President

Jake Burden was born and raised in Traverse City and ripped his mittens at Hickory Hills circa 1985.  All 3 of my kids learned to ski there and race on Sundays thanks to the Grand Traverse Ski Club.  We love to keep moving, play, compete, and just be outside and enjoy this beautiful place we live in - GTSC inspires and embodies these things for us.  The future is bright for the club and I’m excited to be a part of it.


 Christi Nowak, Vice-President

Christi Nowak is a Traverse City native who works in Community Health for Munson Healthcare. She and her husband, Steve, have two elementary aged skiers who participate in GTSC programs. GTSC programs have been a part of the Nowak family for the past several years starting with Learn to Ski. Christi serves on the board of the GT Bay YMCA and is active in other community building capacities through work. She is passionate about keeping kids healthy and active year round.

Adrienne Edgren, Treasurer

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Kyra Poehlman, Secretary

Kyra Poehlman was born and raised in Traverse City. She's the creative director for the Northern Express and the Traverse City Business News. Kyra grew up skiing at Hickory Hills and with the Grand Traverse Ski Club, and she and her husband, Michael, have passed the torch to their two little ones, who are now participants in GTSC. Kyra is also one of the GTSC club coaches.



Tonya Lewandowski, MSRT/USSS Program Director

Tonya Lewandowski, MSRT/USSA Program DirectorTonya has served on the Grand Traverse Ski Club Board for 4 years as Middle School Coordinator, managing both the MSRT and USSA programs. She and her husband of 18 years, Jeremy, have 6 children who have all been racing in the Club for 5 years now. After growing up downstate Michigan, Tonya moved up to the U.P. and graduated from Michigan Technological University as a Civil Engineer – solidifying her love of winter and the all things outdoors. Tonya works locally as a water resources engineer and enjoys all that Traverse City has to offer year round – feeling very blessed to call this beautiful place home. Tonya enjoys anything outdoors - swimming, biking, water sports, skiing, playing with her family in the yard and volunteering for various charities/school/sport teams. The Lewandowski’s favorite season is winter… because of all the GTSC and Hickory Hills has done to make it a whirlwind of fun! On almost any given winter day you will find one or two Lewandowski’s playing on the slopes of Hickory!


Heather VanStratt, Registration

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Nate Elkins, Equipment Manager

Nate Elkins, Equipment ManagerComing Soon!


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