Instructional Ski Clinics

When: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays; 1/3/23 - 3/2/23
Time:  4:30 - 6:00 pm or 6:30 - 8:00 pm
Where: Hickory Hills

Age: 5 - 12 (must be 5 by date of first clinic)

Cost: $230

*Skiers may only attend the session for which they are registered

DOES NOT INCLUDE Hickory Hills lift tickets.  These must be purchased separately from the GTSC programs at the hill.  See rates here


The Instructional Ski Clinics (often referred to as regular race clinics) are geared toward skiers looking to develop their basic skiing and racing abilities. Participants should be comfortable with all of the aspects of skiing covered in the Advanced Beginner Clinics. Skiers range in age from 5 to 12 and are not participating in the GTSC Middle School Program. Skiers must be able to use all rope tows independently in order to participate in these clinics. The clinics will begin by meeting at the bottom of the Birch rope tow for dynamic stretching. The skiers will then be divided into groups by ability. This will allow the coaches to focus on the areas of basic skiing that need improvement. The main goal of these clinics is for skiers to have fun while learning the basics of ski racing and becoming more fundamentally sound skiers. The primary focus will be on drills emphasizing fundamental skill-building with a secondary emphasis on running courses. We focus on creating good habits, honing fundamentals by utilizing a variety of drills and proceed into gate training as ability and interest progress. All participants are strongly encouraged to sign up for and race on Sundays at Hickory.


  • Grouped by age & ability. BLUE / BLACK groups.
  • Skiers must be able to perform the following skills:
    • Ride all tows independently
    • Basic parallel turn down Buck trail
    • Know all 7 points of the Skiers Responsibility Code
  • All skiers must bring and wear a ski helmet and bring their own skis and boots.
  • Hickory Hills ski tickets must be purchased separately from the GTSC programs.  See rates here
  • BLUE:
    • Meets all requirements (from Advanced Beginner)
  • BLACK:
    • More proficient at all the fundamentals, on all trails at Hickory.
    • At least 1-year experience in 4:30/6:30 clinics
    • Incorporates equipment in an advanced manner
  • Love skiing
    • Become a skier that can ski all terrain independently
  • Ski on the Middle School Race Team
    • Perhaps race High School
  • Ski on the USSA Travel Team
    • Intends to race High School - and perhaps beyond