Middle School Race Team

Hickory Hills:  Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays; 3:30 - 5:00 pm
Crystal Mountain: Wednesdays; 4:00 - 6:00 pm

When: Program starts Tuesday Jan 2, 2024 (weather dependent)

Cost: $550

  • Includes MSRT weekday training and MSRT races/coaching
  • Does not include Sunday Races – register for separately
  • Includes bussing to all Middle School Races
  • Includes bussing to/from Crystal Mtn on Wednesday for training.*
  • Include bussing to practices at Hickory Hills.*
  • Bussing locations include: EMS, SEAS, WMS, Greenspire.

This program is for skiers in 6th, 7th, or 8th grade, and has the same focus as the Ski Club’s Instructional Ski Clinics.  MSRT is intended for athletes with ski experience looking to increase confidence, ability and have a great time!


GTSC Middle School Races -  Coming ASAP – Watch TeamSnap Calendar

  • Will include 4-5 MSRT races/season around local/Northern Michigan
    • Transportation will be included to races outside of the Grand Traverse Region
    • Middle School Races within the Grand Traverse Region will be parent transport


  • Must be in 6th, 7th or 8th grade, or age/grade appropriate as allowed by coaches
  • Athlete must have baseline experience in downhill skiing – understands how to put on all equipment independently, use tow ropes/chair lifts, and get down hill safely.
  • Complete programming forms located at bottom of this page

END GOAL for MSRT Athletes:

  • Ski all terrain independently, safely navigate racecourses - perhaps race on High School Team

MSRT Program Details

  • Includes all weekday training as shown on the schedule above
  • Includes approximately 4-5 middle school races per year, subject to change
  • Will have MSRT races at Nubs Nob, Boyne Mountain, Hickory and Holiday
    • All races are optional but highly encouraged and FUN!
    • Athletes do miss school to attend out of town races
    • All ski passes for races are included in MSRT program fees (with the exception of Hickory pass needed to participate in MSRT, see below)
    • Parent volunteers needed for all races
    • Parent transportation for local races, bussing included for out of town races.


  • Be on time, hop out of vehicle prepared to ski.
  • Respect Coaches & peers, 110% effort, safety


  • Race day volunteers – watch for sign-ups – may be imperative to volunteer if spectators not allowed
  • Will need parents at races to help with working race (gate keeping, etc.) and possibly other (TBD)

Passes & Waivers – Required and NOT included in the GTSC Registration fee

  • Hickory Hills Pass

o   Season pass needed

o   Purchase pass through City, available online:  https://www.traversecitymi.gov/hickory_hills.asp
 - Choose alpine ski season pass option

  • Crystal Mountain Pass

o   1-day pass needed for Wednesday practices

o   Passes will be available ASAP through online portal

o   Watch for information to come

  • Waivers - Athletes and families are required to complete the waivers for all ski hills we utilize, please see websites for information.  These hills include:
    • Crystal Mountain (will be required to get pass above)
    • Nubs Nob
    • Boyne Mountain

Gear – Race gear needed - required for safety – recreational gear is not appropriate

  • Will race GS and Slalom – please talk to coaches if need guidance – they are happy to help!
  • Need race capable gear:

o   Skis – can have separate GS and Slalom – or one pair that work for both

o   Boots – VERY important to have the right fit – please ask coaches/shops to assess

o   Helmet – safety first –

  • Chin bar - Slalom requires
  • GS - No chin bar – so needs to be removable

o   Gloves/shin guards/poles/goggles/arm guards/back pad/speed suit/ski socks

  • Good place to get help: Coaches, Don Orr, Ski Swap, Parent Meeting

Optional GTSC Add-Ons, Fees Not Included:

o   Skiers are encouraged to participate in Sunday Races at Hickory, as this allows them to qualify for various regional ski invitationals against other clubs.

Please contact Tonya Lewandowski, the GTSC Middle School Program Coordinator through TeamSnap messaging with any questions about the programs.

Registration questions can be directed to: skigtsc@gmail.com

Below are the forms that you must acknowledge through the GTSC TeamSnap registration process for your registration to be considered complete.

Thanks and looking forward to a great season!!