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USSS & FIS Parent & Athlete Meeting Sunday September 17 @ 7pm, via Teams

Please join us to kick off our season ahead!  This meeting is intended for ALL families and athletes - whether you are new to GTSC or been around a while!

The goal of our meeting is to welcome new families/athletes, introduce coaching staff, review upcoming events, FIS/USSS registrations, season expectations and what we know about the FIS & USSS schedules at this point.

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FIS Race/Training Coaching 

FIS Race/Training Coaching is meant for athletes who wish to train with our FIS and USSS coaches one day/week and train/race at weekend USSS Region 3 races as well as Central Region FIS races.  Under this registration, GTSC FIS athletes will receive coaching representation at up to 3 Central Region FIS race weekends. Rocky region FIS races are not included and coaching/travel expenses will be paid separately as we better understand how many athletes are interested.

This program fee also includes all GTSC USSS weekend training days – these will be offered at race weekends before/between races and at Crystal or Hickory when there is not a USSA/FIS race.

When: Program starts training ASAP in December at Crystal and/or Nubs Nob (weather dependent)

Cost:   $1,525


  • FIS/USSS team trainings 1 day/week following regular HS practice (day/time TBA)
  • Race Day Coaching at all Region 3 USSS Races
  • Race Day Training Coaching at all Region 3 USSS races (when allowed)
  • GTSC weekend USSS training (when no Region 3 races – will be announced)
  • Coaching Fees (including coaching and their travel expenses) at up to 3 Central Region FIS races – races to be determined at FIS pre season meeting with athletes and families.
  • There must be a minimum of 5 GTSC FIS athletes to travel to FIS races identified.
  • Each race weekend requires at least 1 volunteer parent to help drive, prepare meals, transport kids, etc. This parent stays in venue with coach and athletes per Safesport rules.
  • FIS Program fee includes:
  • All coaching costs, including coaching, their food, lodging, transportation, lift tickets
  • All athlete transportation for themselves and gear
  • All food and lodging we can accomodate up to the program fee budget shown. Any overages will be charged at the end of season to athlete families.
  • Based on # of athletes attending, the costs may vary season to season.
  • As a non-profit - GTSC is committed to keeping costs as low as possible for all athletes and looks to cover costs only.
  • GTSC coaching staff is happy to support additional FIS races above/beyond 3 races included in this fee, costs will simply be calculated and paid separately from this registration.
    • FIS athletes and coaching staff will discuss at length throughout the season and determine a plan forward with families.


GTSC FIS Head Coach – Craig Davidson, supported by other GTSC USSS coaches.

Program Details – This program includes approx. 1day/week of training following HS training and/or weekends as detailed below:

    • USSS & FIS Coaching including:
      • Coaching at all Region 3 USSS race weekends (see
      • Coaching at up to 3 FIS Central Region races – see detailed dates and discussion above/below
      • All USSS/FIS race sign up is done separately by families for each race – through myUSSA account – NOT INCLUDED
      • Race fees are extra and paid per race for racer
      • Races typically Saturday and Sunday – can sign up to do one or both
      • Passes at race mountains not included
      • Parent/athlete transportation to all Region 3 USSS/FIS races.
        • Options for FIS coach transport to out of region FIS races will be explored/discussed with FIS families.
        • GTSC FIS coach is committed to transporting athletes whenever possible/requested
      • Race video when possible – to be shared with athletes via google drive
      • Athlete journal review and discussions - goal setting

Program Does NOT Include – Below are available at an additional fee – NOT included in programming fee.

  • Race Registration Fees – USSS and/or FIS race registration fees to be paid by athlete through their myussa account
    • See above sign up and race fee information
  • More than 3 Central Region FIS races, or Rocky Region FIS races
    • These races are optional for all FIS racers – but if your racer wants to try qualifying for the U18 Junior Championships please discuss with Coach Craig
    • Coaching fee for above additional races not included – fee to be paid separate based on how many participants through GTSC
    • Parent transportation necessary
    • Lodging not included – family responsible for arrangements
    • Race sign up is done individually by families for each race – myUSSA account
    • Race fee dependent on how many days/race
    • Schedule is out –
    • Races ~Fri-Sunday, usually additional training available on Thursday.
  • U18 Nationals – have to qualify at FIS races, National races held at Mittersill Cannon Mtn TBD. Coaching, registration and athlete costs not included.
  • High School Championship – Athletes chosen for Team Michigan based on points.  Races occur spring, 2023 TBD.  Coaching, registration and athlete costs not included.

Race Location/Mountain Passes – Required and NOT included in signup fee

USSS/FIS approved Gear – Quality race gear needed - required for safety – recreational gear is not appropriate

FIS Coaching - The athletes will work closely with the GTSC FIS and USSS coaches who will coach the athletes at Region 3 weekend USSS races, weekend USSS training (TBD), 1 days/week for HS USSS training, and up to 3 FIS races. Our head coach is Craig Davidson.  Craig comes to GTSC after decades as very accomplished alpine ski coach for the WIN and Pinnacle programs, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and experience.  Craig’s enthusiasm is contagious as he looks to take our athletes to a new level!

Please contact above USSS/FIS coaches directly and/or Tonya Lewandowski (, the GTSC USSS/FIS Program Coordinator with any questions about the program information.

Registration questions can be directed to:

Each athlete and family is required to acknowledge the following documents and information contained within during the GTSC Registration process through TeamSnap:

We look forward to continuing to build our FIS race program and are excited to help our GTSC athletes reach their goals!!