Ski Level Development

Program Options:
2-Day Option
When: Mondays and Wednesdays, starting Tue Jan 2, 2024 (weather dependent)
Time: 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm
Where: Hickory Hills
Cost: Mon 4:30-6p and Wed 4:30-6p | $160
Age: 5 + (must be 5 by date of first clinic)

DOES NOT INCLUDE Hickory Hills lift tickets.  These must be purchased separately from the GTSC programs at the hill.  See rates here


What is Ski Level Development? Ski Level Development is just that; and is perfect for beginner to more advanced skiers.  From beginners to advanced skiers who want to develop and continue developing the skiing skills.  This set of clinics is meant for kids aged 5 to 12 years of age. The clinics will begin by meeting at the bottom of the Magna Carta rope tow for dynamic stretching. The skiers will be divided into groups by ability and groups for the season will be set. This will allow the coaches to focus on the areas of basic skiing that need improvement. There is a heavy emphasis on fun while becoming more fundamentally sound skiers. 

Ski Level Development participants may and are strongly encouraged to sign up for and race on Sundays at Hickory.


  • Minimum age is 5 
  • Grouped by age & ability

Skiers must be able to perform the following skills: 

Additional Requirements

  • All skiers must bring and wear a ski helmet and bring their own skis and boots.
  • Hickory Hills ski tickets must be purchased separately from the GTSC programs.
  • GTSC Fees do not include lift tickets See rates here.
  • Rental Equipment is now available at Hickory Hills.



Level 1: “I’ve never skied.”

Level 2: “I can slide, slightly change direction, and come to a stop.” – Easiest green terrain YELLOW ZONE SKIERS 

  • Skiers must pass the following to advance:
    • Turn Right, Turn Left, Stop
    • Ride the Magic Carpet lift independently
    • Put on their own equipment
    • Know at least 3 of the 10 points of the Skiers Responsibility Code
    • Be approved to advance by coaching staff


Level 3: “I can link turns together and stop where I want to on the easiest green terrain. My turns are usually all the same size.” – Green terrain
Level 4: “I am linking turns together smoothly on all green terrain. I can make narrow and wide turns” – All green and easiest blue terrain


Level 5: “I am skiing mostly parallel in a couple different turn sizes and shapes on most blue terrain. I am beginning to use my poles and can hockey stop in both directions.” -All green terrain and most blue terrain
Level 6: “I am skiing parallel and confidently on all groomed blue terrain. I am exploring un-groomed trails and the easiest bumps. I usually
make the same turn sizes and shapes on un-groomed trails.” –All groomed blues, easy blue bumps, easy groomed blacks


Level 7: “I am able to smoothly link parallel turns together with a pole plant on all blue and black terrain. I am exploring un-groomed black terrain, including bumps. I can connect different turn sizes and shapes seamlessly for the different challenges.” – All blue terrain and most black terrain

Level 8: “I am making different turns sizes and shapes, including rhythmic short turns and large carved turns, on all blue and black terrain (groomed or un-groomed). I feel comfortable exploring harder blacks and easier double black terrain.” – All black and easy double black terrain
Level 9: “I can ski the entire mountain and am working on skiing faster, smoother, difficult lines, and learning different strategies in the hardest
terrain and snow conditions.” – Entire mountain, all conditions



  • Skiers must pass the following to advance:
    • Ride the Magna Carta tow to the 3rd Barrel (Early Green)
    • Ride all tows independently
    • Basic parallel turn down Magna Carta
    • Know all 10 points of the Skiers Responsibility Code
    • Be approved to advance by coaching staff